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 books are your friends, you know? [LIBRARY] [OPEN FOR ALLL!]

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Cherie Corbie

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TémanyitásTárgy: books are your friends, you know? [LIBRARY] [OPEN FOR ALLL!]   Pént. Szept. 07, 2012 7:52 am

Cherie Corbie was a Ravenclaw. It was natural that she had a general obsession to the library. Obviously, besides their absolutely gorgeous common room, the library was her favourite place in Hogwarts. The Land of Knowledge and Awesomeness. They really should call it that.

The little brunette after devouring her breakfast, made her way towards there. She wondered what Gil was doing, but she needed to do some research in DADA, so she didn't go to find her best friend. Anyway, Gillian had the same homework, so she might be in the library too. They could work together then, and it would be amazing. Not that she couldn't do it alone, because she could ( she was a genius eagle, please). Working with her best mate was more fun though.

Never mind. The girl was sure that she would find someone to annoy with her presence work with. Maybe some other eagles, or anybody. Entering the huge room full of books, the girl made her way towards the shelves to the section that contained things that were useful for learning DADA. She collected some thicker copies that seemed to be good enough for studying boggarts. She had never met any though, and she was pretty happy about that fact. What would it turn for her? A giant snake, presumably. But she wasn't sure.

Thinking about the possible forms of her boggart, Cherie didn't notice that actually somebody was right in front of her. Being surprised as she bumped into them, she dropped the books. They landed with thumps on the floor. Oh gosh. Hopefully Madam Pince didn't hear that.
"Oh, I'm really sorry," apologized Cherie. "I didn't pay attention, I'm sorry," she rambled, bending down to quickly collect her books before the obnoxious librarian appeared.

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books are your friends, you know? [LIBRARY] [OPEN FOR ALLL!]
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